Center for Renal Translational Medicine

Kumar Sharma, MD, FAHA

Kumar Sharma

Professor of Medicine
Director,Center for Renal Translational Medicine

Phone: (858)822-0870

Research Interests

Dr. Sharma's research efforts have focused on the pathogenesis of diabetic kidney disease (DN). His laboratory helped define the central role of the cytokine Transforming Growth Factor-b (TGF-b) in DN using cell culture and animal models and translated these findings to the human condition. These studies contributed to the development of the highly innovative anti-fibrotic approaches that are currently being tested in clinical research trials under Dr. Sharma’s guidance. Recently, Dr. Sharma has focused his attention on the contribution of the kidney to cardiovascular disease in diabetes and obesity. His group was the first to describe the role of adiponectin on podocyte function. His group has also used novel proteomic methods for clinical applications and for kidney disease. The goal of his research efforts is to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for personalized medicine in diabetes complications and kidney disease.

Clinical Interests

Dr. Sharma has maintained a strong clinical practice with a focus on patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes and kidney disease. He has conducted NIH-funded and industry supported investigator-initated clinical trials. He has a major interest in the development of clinical biomarkers of kidney disease progression.

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